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Mar 4, 2013

Press Release 201305: Zero waste MENA joins ACR+MED

We are so pleased to announce that we are officially members of ACR+MED network. The membership has been awarded to reflect the importance of promoting “Zero Waste” approach in the MENA region. 

ACR+MED is a network for LRAs and other stakeholders such as: networks of LRAs, businesses, academia, NGOs and CBOs, Financing Institutions, Technology and Service Providers related to Waste Management and international agencies in the geographical area determined by the UfM.

ACR+MED mission is to share knowledge, enhance awareness, raising capacity of LRAs and assure best practices are spread in the area in order to accelerate the uptake of the ISWRM principles such as eco-design, resource efficiency, waste avoidance or prevention, product reuse, waste collection, transport, recycling, recovery, and final disposal.

Zero Waste MENA will help its members to be part of ACR+MED and get the advantage of various benefits provided by ACR+MED:

-           Sharing of good practices
-          Accessing reports, data and information
-          Participate in high level seminars, conferences
-          Contribute and/or participate in training events
-           Addressing critical and emerging waste and resource issues
-          Seizing (funding) opportunities
-          Show casing and recognition
-          North-South, South-South partnerships and cooperation

If you are interested to be part of Zero Waste MENA, email as at For more information about our membership scheme, click here

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