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Feb 3, 2014

PRESS RELEASE: Waste Management and Recycling Summit 2014

Waste Management and Recycling Summit 2014
Moving the kingdom of Saudi Arabia Towards Zero Waste and a Sustainable Future

Strapline: To bring back the era of green legacy of our sustainable future worldwide & exploring the potential of resources already categorized as “Waste” we chose to redefine as “Potential Residue”.

Nispana Innovative platforms as a company has identified that its conducive to address the issue surmounting our globe with respect to the minimal utilization of residues of various sector we chose to define it differently and not as “WASTE”, hence has conceptualized the “Waste Management and Recycling Summit 2014 ” on the 23rd-24th of April at Radisson Blu in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia.  Eminent Waste-Management & Environment professionals are scheduled to attend the two-day event.

The summit aspires to give an insight into the various reports formulated worldwide by some one of the finest environmentalist on Waste statistics, discussing latest technologies to be incorporated to bring down the level of waste produced and implement the Waste to Energy criteria’s. Foresighted & extremely senior level speakers converging to present case studies from leading organizations, sharing their experience on how to leave an impact on the environment and this time without disturbing the balance. In this two day conference various sectors are represented: from Ministries to Municipalities, from Oil & gas companies to metal and Plastics’ industry, Hotels & Hospitality and many more, to address the need of our survival. To bring forward and to highlight the future opportunities in Waste Management sector as a whole, capture the most effective and latest technologies focused on investments and Return On Investments in Waste Management and bring in the industry Experts & Solution Providers from across the globe to share their expertise to make this initiative a bench mark in itself.

The different themes covered at this Summit are:

·          Insight on the Global Waste Management sector as compared to the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia and looking beyond the periphery of the conventional techniques of WM.
·         Role of Waste hierarchy & Exclusive Presentation on seismic shift in responsibility for Products generating highest amount of waste.
·         Emerging Alternative Investment Opportunities In The Middle East for Waste to Energy.
·         Addressing the economies financing’ needs to encourage greater application of Waste Management. & Drawing the attention of various regulatory bodies towards the challenges in legal framework while executing the policies and plans.
·         The speakers will describe the current scenario w .r. t  to Investment forecasts and assess the underlying challenges.
·         It is critical to identify the importance of execution the 7 R's of Sustainability and hence experts would be investigating the challenges in implementing the environmental action plans and frame work of legislation.
·         Financing possibilities of Waste Management sector. This forward-thinking session will examine what has not worked in the past,
drawing on what future lessons can be learned for the industry.

About Nispana:
Our aim is to create a perfect environment for you to communicate with the right people at the right time and place. It ultimately is for you to deliver on your objectives. Furthermore, we will introduce you to the people who matter to your business. To do this, we offer a range of networking, focusing on re-education, and most importantly deal making opportunities for all attendees within the conference programme.

At Nispana, we bring together the corporate buyers and solution providers for business negotiations, business mergers and acquisitions for long term success and to add great value to our organizations.
We provide finest business intelligence solutions through conferences, congresses and summits in India where recognized and respected masses have their presence and lead to finest solutions.

Contact for further Information:
Name: Ms Mohita Bhimsaria
Phone: +91 (80) 4933 1000

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