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Jan 20, 2014

Kingdom Waste Management

The “Kingdom Waste Management Summit-2014” is a vision to explore the future of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia mirroring a green nation forecasted to be the next potential market for the Waste Management Sector in specific. Reports show that Waste would turn out to be the game changing resource across the globe. With countries trying to move from Waste Management to Waste to Energy criteria’s, it’s necessary for us as an industry to tap the opportunity and bring out the hidden aspects to present to the world the potential of the left foregone resources hence we are taking an “INITIATIVE” & we call for your Attention.!!

Looking at the past trends and the kind of investments been made we were compelled to bring it to your notice once again. Let’s look at the numbers: “Saudi Arabia is pursuing investments and reforms, Government is determined to position the Kingdom as one of the world’s most competitive economies by the beginning of the next decade”. The Kingdom is ranked 8th among the world’s 10- high growth economies by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).With population of around 29 million, Saudi Arabia generates more than 15 million tons of solid waste per year. The per capita waste generation is estimated at 1.5 to 1.8 kg per person per day.

Solid waste generation in the three largest cities – Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam – exceeds 6 million tons per annum which gives an indication of the enormity of the problem faced by civic bodies.  
Globally currently, world cities generate about 1.3 billion Tones of solid waste per year. This volume is expected to Increase   to 2.2 billion tones by 2025.Costs will Increase from today’s annual $ 205.4 Billion to about $375.5 billion in 2025.In Saudi in specific we are looking at a figure of 12% waste treatment annually leaving us with a market potential of 88% in future.

With regard to governance over sustainability the proportion of private sector schemes is likely to rise in future as the Government seeks greater private sector participation in project development. This is likely to be reflected in private sector power developments, water and wastewater projects and in real estate development & sustainable development.

Strong legislations, financial support, public awareness, modern technologies and stakeholders’ participation should be the key in transforming Saudi Arabia into a ‘green’ nation. A strong political commitment and unflinching public support is mandatory for implementing a sustainable waste management strategy in the country.

Hence, “NISPANA” presents “Kingdom Waste Management Summit- 23rd & 24th April-2014, at the Radisson Blu-Riyadh , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ”to bring forward and highlight the future opportunities in this sector, Capture the most effective and latest technologies, Focused on investments and RoI in Waste Management and bring in the industry Experts & Solution Providers from across the globe to share their expertise to make this initiative a bench mark in WM –sector.

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