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Oct 10, 2013

Dubai Municipality registers 26 waste recycling companies

Due to the adoption of various advanced methods to treat and recycle waste, Dubai landfills have seen a remarkable decrease in the quantity of waste items reach there, says Dubai Municipality officials.
According to figures at the civic body, in 2012, the amount of industrial waste was reduced 13% while the decrease in total amount of waste was recorded as 3% comparing to that of 2011. Construction waste also reduced by 13%, thanks to Dubai Municipality's various efforts to bring in sustainability in waste management as well as various policies, programs and projects to protect environment and natural recourses.

Eng. Hamdan Al-Shaer, director, environment department at Dubai Municipality said in this regard: "Dubai Municipality has been constantly trying to propagate the culture of recycling and reusing objects among the citizen, instead of conventional way of throwing off"

"We, joining hands with several likeminded groups were trying to convince people that developing this culture is instrumental in bringing in sustainability and is a basic factor in improving living environment as well as its being a supporting point for other sectors to win their objectives in the field of sustainability.
"As a result of Dubai Municipality's efforts" Mr. Hamdan continued "there are so many companies have emerged in this field of which some 26 firms have registered with the civic body after fulfilling requirements and due conditions"

He said the activities of these companies vary like recycling paper, plastic, cooking oil, electronic equipments and batteries.
According to him all these registered companies are working in line with internationally approved methods and technologies, and after confirming that no risk is posed to the environment by their activities.

He said the companies have to submit periodical report on their activities at Dubai Municipality detailing quantity of raw materials, recycled stuff, to be analyzed by experts at the environment department systematically.

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