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Feb 16, 2013

A partnership agreement between Zero Waste MENA & EcoMENA to share expertise and knowledge

ZW MENA has signed a partnership agreement with EcoMENA to work together for better environment in the MENA region. According to the signed agreement, both organizations agreed to share knowledge, publications and expertise. In addition to that, both partners have shown sincere interest to conduct projects together in the MENA region.

Ramy Salem, founder of ZW MENA, stated that this step is a necessity to  ensure effective impacts by both organizations. The partnership helps ZW MENA to share ideas, projects and 
publications with larger audience. 

EcoMENA is one of the most popular sustainability portals attracting visitors from all over the world . Our articles and reports are hugely popular and followed by industry policy-makers, industry professionals, NGOs, entrepreneurs, technology companies as well as general public. With a strong pool of highly-qualified writers, we provide very good coverage of Middle East's environment and energy sector through well-researched, well-written and professional reports 
and articles.

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