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Apr 2, 2015

A call for research topics & ideas

An integral part of ZW MENA work is to provide valuable support and assistant to universities, students and entrepreneurs, working in disciplines related to waste management. Depending on the subject of the research/project, ZW MENA may provide advisory service or/and assist in obtaining financial support for the project/research.  We are therefore keen to know from you what research subjects and projects you are interested in or working on, which may benefit from our support. 

The research topics and projects could be aiming to tackle one or more aspects of the three dimensions of the Integrated Sustainable Waste Management (ISMW) in a specific city, country or the MENA region as a whole.  The ISMW dimensions are; sustainability aspects, waste management elements, and stakeholders roles and responsibilities.

This approach will help ZW Zero MENA to effectively contribute into efforts to implement sustainable waste management practice towards  Zero Waste MENA on the long term.