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Aug 9, 2014

We can do it because of this...

A few days ago, I read about an amazing project in France to avoid food waste. Intermarche, the French supermarket giant, has introduced a successful campaign called 'Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables'. It's an incredibly creative idea which can be simply described as ' a glorious fight against food waste'.

The grotesque apple... the ridiculous potato.... the hideous range ... the failed lemon (see image below)

Intermarche bought all the ugly fruit, which are usually discarded for cosmetic reasons, displayed it in special aisles, and sold them at a 30 per cent discount. When it was launched, the program was an immediate success; within a month, it reached over 13 million people and stirred a national conversation about food waste and just what makes a piece of fruit, or a vegetable acceptable to the consumer.

The campaign only faced one problem: All items are quickly sold out. Now the ugly fruits and vegetables are available in soup and fruit juice form. Intermarche calls it 'a glorious fight against food waste'.

I believe this story should be seriously considered by all food retailers. I has a great potential for both producers and consumers.

I will not keep you any longer. Hope you enjoy the video which would change your minds.