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Apr 10, 2014

PRESS RELEASE: Waste Management and Recycling Summit 2014

Moving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia towards Zero Waste and a Sustainable Future

An International exclusive summit on Waste Management and Recycling to ensure that  The  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia moves towards a greener and zero waste future.

Saudi Arabia is pursuing investments and reforms that the Government is determined and will position the Kingdom as one of the world’s most competitive economies by the beginning of the next decade. To bring back the era of green legacy of our sustainable future worldwide & exploring the potential of resources already categorized as “Waste” we chose to redefine it as “Potential Residue”.

Nispana Innovative platforms as a company has identified that its conducive to address the issue surmounting our globe with respect to the minimal utilization of residues of various sector we chose to define it differently and not as “WASTE”, hence has conceptualized the “Waste Management and Recycling Summit 2014” on the 23rd - 24th  of April at Novotel Hotel in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia.  Eminent Waste-Management & Environment professionals are scheduled to attend the two-day event.

You will have the opportunity to host business meetings with decision makers from Saudi Authorities and leading Private corporations, Source partnerships with Saudi organizations through joint ventures, alliances and private equity, Showcase your latest technology and expertise to prospective investors and project holders. 

Industry leaders including Saudi Asma Environmental  Solutions, Enviroplan S.A , Rama, Ricardo-AEA, Arensco, Environmental testing and Laboratories Company  , Adeco, Leading Environmental Change Bee’ah , Hellatron have already confirmed their participation. In addition, respected representatives from the World Safety Organization and Saudi Green Building Council are also extending their support. 

Eng. AbdulAziz M. Almegbl , Assistant Manager - Environmental Planning and Infrastructure Dep.
High Commission for the Development of Arriyadh, Dr. Adam Read, Practice Director - Resource Efficiency & Waste Management Ricardo-AEA, Dr. Mohammed Alhaj Hussein,  Board member of Saudi green building council Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Erik de Baedts, Director of NVRD, 1st President of Municipal Waste Europe  are some of the Speakers for the Summit who will be presenting on the Waste Management scenario and solutions for Waste Management in  The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

This summit is a huge platform for solution providers and attendees to come together and present various ways and means to reduce the problems which are highly increasing in Saudi Arabia .This Summit will give a factual insight on the situation and will help to create excellent opportunity for networking and sharing experiences in the power sector domain from various organizations through professional development and lifelong learning.

About Nispana Innovative Platforms
Nispana Innovative Platforms is a leading provider of business intelligence through industry specific conferences, exhibitions and training courses facilitated by world renowned trainers leveraging our network of industrial insiders with immense knowledge both practical and theoretical to share with organizations in order to ensure that they achieve operational efficiency and meet all business goals.

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Apr 8, 2014

Waste Management and Recycling Summit -Qatar

Waste to Energy & Waste to Resource will continue to shape the world’s environmental order, creating a global resource industry that is estimated to be a Billion dollar industry by 2040, opening a vast array of opportunities for the nations to develop an alternative source of GDP whilst depleting the existing resources.

The “3rd edition Waste Management & Recycling Summit- Qatar, 2014” is an initiative to understand & to explore the role of Waste Resources for a sustainable future. Qatar being the focus of the 3rd edition, in specific we are dealing with a number of 1.8kg per person per day of solid waste generation which sums up to a national figure of 28000kgT per day, 92% of which is directed towards landfills with an all time low of 3% Recycling rate.

With an active construction business, extensive hydrocarbon sector oriented economy, growing number of high income households & Qatar to host the world cup-2022, it will encounter a massive hike in the percentage of an additional expatriate labor force driven by World Cup 2022 for construction activities.
Due to which its household waste is forecasted to reach 5.6k T/day in 2032 with a peak at 5.7k T/day in 2020 which needs to be addressed much in advance to seize the potential of this resource. 

The measures proposed in the National Development Strategy 2011–2016 focused on the strategies for effective management of waste. The government recognizes a hierarchy of actions to alleviate pressures on the environment, with the most preferable goal being the avoidance of waste. The centre is expected to reduce the share of domestic waste disposed of in landfills to 3%–5%, thereby reducing the share of total waste sent to landfills from 92% to 64%. It will also convert waste to energy and raise the level of waste recycling from 8% to 20%–25%.

The Revenue potential for the solid waste value chain in Qatar is estimated to be ~ USD 663M. Significant opportunities include: Construction & Demolition Recycling (~USD 105M), Household: Recycling (~USD 100M), Commercial: Collection (~USD 76M) and Recycling (~USD 100M), Waste to Energy (WtE): ~USD 135M

With regard to governance over sustainability the proportion of private sector schemes is likely to rise in future as the Government seeks greater private sector participation in project development. This is likely to be reflected in private sector power developments, water and wastewater projects and in real estate development & sustainable development.

Qatar’s foray into waste-to-energy indicates the lucrative business opportunities in the emerging sustainable waste management sector. Hence, “NISPANA” presents “Waste Management & Recycling Summit- Qatar, 28th & 29th May-2014 at Doha, Qatar”, a 2 day conference to bring forward and highlight the future opportunities in this sector, Capture the most effective and latest technologies, Focused on investment in Waste Management and bring in the government officials, waste generators industry Experts & Solution Providers such as: landfill professionals and recycling firms from across the globe to share their expertise & educate the attendees  to make this initiative a bench mark in Waste Management –sector.

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Mohita Bhimsaria